Easily Track Gigs


We've made it so simple to track your work in Giggy Bank that there's no need to put it off for later. On average, users enter gigs in under 10 seconds!

Autocomplete Saves You Time

Giggy Bank autocompletes the name and price of your frequently used gigs. No need to enter the same details over and over. It's all done automatically.

gig autocomplete
flat rate or hourly

Flat Rate or Hourly Work

Track hourly or flat rate gigs with the flip of a switch and, the best part, Giggy Bank remembers the rate for each job automatically. How sweet is that?!

flat rate or hourly

Track Client Balances

Giggy Bank tracks a single balance for each client. Gigs increase your client's balance by the amount of the gig and payments bring it down. It's seriously simple.

client balances
payment reminders

Payment Reminders

Know when your gigs have gone unpaid for too long. Set a threshold and outstanding gigs will be highlighted when it's time.

payment reminders

Create Recurring Gigs Automatically

Got gigs that repeat on a regular basis? Let Giggy Bank track them for you by making your gig recurring.

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